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About the Dayton Strong Cup

WHEN: July 20, 2019
WHERE: Dayton, Ohio (Warrior Soccer Complex)
FEES: Free (Donations from club teams appreciated)
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Saturday, Jul 13, 2019
PAY TO: TBD; Bring your donation to the fields on game day.

On Memorial Day, 15 tornados touched down in the Dayton, Ohio area, the largest ones hitting Trotwood, Brookville, Riverside and Old North Dayton. They were rated EF4, with winds up to 170 mph.

Many lost their homes; many more were displaced without power, food, water or shelter. Much of the cleanup has been done; the acute needs of the residents cared for by volunteers and state organizations, the hard work of rebuilding lives will just now begin. In the coming months, the tornado survivors will need not only their physical needs met, but their mental well-being cared for.

We believe that sports helps heal. It is in that spirit that we reached out to the soccer community and asked them to come together to help provide a fun day of play and entertainment, food and laughter.

We hope to raise funds to help, but more importantly, we hope to raise spirits. We are not asking for team fees to compete, but rather donations for what you feel you can give. For those players who have lost everything, we only ask that you have a good time.

We also hope that by bringing the community together, we reaffirm to each other that we are all on this big rock together; that what affects you, affects me. We hope you meet others throughout the day and take the time to share in each other's story.


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